BETA Configure a Back in Stock automation

The Back in Stock automation is designed to communicate with customers who are monitoring their favorite products in your e-com.

Read more about Back in Stock here.

General trigger conditions

When Engage has received a stock level update these conditions have to be met to trigger a Back in Stock automation per subscription:

  • Stock quantity is more than 0
  • Product feed configured for the locale
  • Product data exist for the SKU

Custom trigger criteria

Locale – If you only want to trigger SKUs with a certain locale

Quantity – Find a threshold that makes sense for your business. Set the quantity to more than 1 to not trigger an automation when the SKU is restocked with for example a single return.

SKU – If you only want to trigger the automation for certain SKUs

Subscribed on – If you only want to trigger the automations for subscriptions that are more recent (e.g., last 30 days) or the opposite, start with the oldest subscription since they were first in line.

ExternalId – An optional ID that can provide information such as warehouse location or a unique ID for a SKU and warehouse combination.

Product data – Filter the trigger based on any data from the product feed, such as price, URL, category and spare fields

0_Entry conditions1.png

Omni use case

If there are other ways to purchase the product that isn’t covered in your stock update, like a physical store with a separate warehouse. Then you can tick the box The contact has not purchased the product last 5 days which will block any contacts that have a receipt containing the SKU from the last 5 days.

0_Entry conditions2.png

Configure the contact attributes critera

The trigger can be filtered based on any contact attributes. Read more about the filtering tool here.

0_Entry conditions3.png

Value split

The Back in Stock automations support value splits on locale.

0_Entry conditions4.png

Back in Stock email

You can add an email to the automation. The event that triggered the automation could be utilized in an email sent out to the subscribers. To get started, order a back in stock email module from your Voyado contact.

The standard module will dynamically present the following for each SKU that is back in stock and therefore included in the trigger:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Image
  • Direct link

Back in Stock-email.png

One time subscription

Once the automation workflow has started (passed all trigger conditions) the subscription will be deleted no matter if the automation workflow includes communication to the subscriber or not.

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