Product campaign module

By connecting a product feed to your email modules, you're able to insert meta data directly in your emails with just one click. The dynamic product campaign module enables automatic fetching of products through API, allowing for an even more relevant customer dialogue by ensuring that the exposed products are up to date and in stock.

The difference between the dynamic campaign module and Engage’s standard product feed modules is that with the campaign module you can download products with predefined parameters, such as:

  • Products with membership prices
  • Products with promotional prices
  • Products from specific product categories
  • Products in current campaigns, like Black Friday or holidays

Thus, this module perfect for emails in automations, since the product-related content is updated automatically.

Examples of what to use it for

Increase conversion from newsletters

The customer might lose interest if the product that caught their interest turns out to be out of stock. With the product campaign module, you can both save time when creating the newsletter and increase the conversion rate by always exposing relevant and available products.

Introduce current member products

Optimize your welcome message, exposing member benefits paired with products from your current member campaign without manual efforts—always relevant and up to date.

Use current campaign to reactivate customers

Be truly relevant by recommending products from current campaigns, available in stock, and within a reasonable price range in your reactivation communication.

Inform customers about relevant products

Add products from selected categories within specific price ranges in close to upgrade communication to make the recipient’s purchase decisions easier.


Would you like to add the dynamic product campaign module to your email design options? Reach out to your Account Manager.

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