Personalize emails and SMS messages based on interactions

Interactions, simply put, are events that you want to save to your contacts in Engage. It’s a way to track and collect data on different types of activities that you want to encourage and reward. As you communicate with your customers, you can personalize the content based on the current interaction.

In this example, we’ve set up a communication flow for when a customer posts a product review. To thank the customer for their effort, we’ll make sure to send them an SMS message with personalized content. For this, we set up an automation.

  1. Create a new automation with the trigger New interaction. Click on the three dots on the entry trigger and click Edit to select the right interaction and set the entry conditions.


  2. Create a new message within the automation flow.
  3. Enter your message and include data from the interaction as a personalization tag, in brackets. In our example, we include the product SKU, rating, and comment.


  4. Complete the automation as desired and remember to Save and Activate it when you’re done.

Now, every contact that submits a review will receive an SMS thanking them.


You can personalize email content in the same way.


For some more inspiration on how to reward your customers for desired actions, check out this article.

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