About the Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a cloud-based service for unifying how businesses engage with customers over any channel or device. It enables seamless customer service and experience online or in-store by offering:

  • A unified, omnichannel customer journey

  • Full customer data integration

  • Seamless, engaging and positive customer experiences 

The Voyado Engage integration with SFCC (called a Cartridge in Salesforce terminology) needs to be deployed, installed and configured in the customer's Salesforce environment. After the SDK license agreement is signed, the client will get access to the source code on Github, together with a guide on how to install the Cartridge.The following functionality is offered:

Contact creation: Contacts can be stored as two types (Member and Contact) or just one (Member).

Contact updates: Contacts are synced in both directions between SFCC to Engage.

Promotions: Promotions can be manually created in Engage and assigned and connected to a promotion in SFCC.

Web activity tracking: Abandoned cart tracking/recovery and product views are supported.

Order confirmation email: An order confirmation email is triggered when an order is placed.

Soft identification: The storefront can identify customers that arrive through an email sendout.

Country and store mapping: The most common setup in SFCC is to connect a storefront to a specific country. This means, in checkout, you are limited to shipping products within the countries you have set up for your site. In Engage, country and store mapping is defined by inputing a fallback store and mapping the rest of your Engage stores using a JSON structure.

You can find the full documentation for the Engage-Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration here.


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