Sometimes you might want to “refurnish” your automation workflow. There are many options to choose from and tools to help you when you change your mind:
  • Move activity, split or branch content
  • Copy activity, split or branch content
  • Undo or redo changes

For both move and copy you find the options in the menu for each type.











Here's an example on how to move branch content:

  1. Click on the menu of the activity or split you want to move.
  2. Select Move. This highlights the whole section that will be moved.


  3. Click on the Place here button at your intended destination. You can cancel the move by clicking Undo in the top right corner where you normally find the menu on the activity or split.


  4. The change takes place directly. If you want to undo your change, click the button in the top right corner. It is also possible to redo a change that was undone.


Good to know about Undo & Redo

Each time you save the workflow your change history will be reset. This means you can't undo a change after saving. The change history is also reset if you reload or navigate away from the page.

Change type of split or activity

You can change type of an existing split or activity directly in the flow. For splits, the option "Change split" appears as one of the options under the three-dots menu.

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Once you select "Change split", you will be able to choose the new type for your split:

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In the same way, selecting "Change activity" on an activity bings this up:

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Note that for splits that go from many to fewer branches, it can be hard to predict the outcome of making this change. If things don't go the way you intended, remember that "undo" exists.

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