Sender name and sender address

Your sender name and sender address are important for optimized email deliverability. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Use your own sender domains for your marketing communications. You can either employ a unique domain dedicated to your email marketing or create a subdomain of your main domain. It's not wise to use your main domain for email marketing.

In terms of the sender address, we strongly advise against using a noreply@ address. Additionally, we recommend that the sender address is an active email account monitored at least a few times a week. This is considered good practice for email marketing.

Note that any automatic “Out of office” replies will be directed to the sender address. It's a good idea to set up filtering rules for your incoming email service to manage these responses. If your sender address is connected to a ticketing system and you don’t create such rules, please bear in mind that each "Out Off Office" reply could generate a new ticket.

Look at the example below:

  • Main domain is
  • Sender Domain is
  • Sender Address is
  • Sender Name is Voyado

Sender address and names_new.png

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