Webinar: The state of the new abnormal – the Retail Radar webinar (ENG)

What do you get when you analyze 202 million purchases across the Nordics and conduct rich consumer research in the UK, and the Benelux region? You get insights that retailers cannot ignore.

Listen to Katie Basset, Laufey Lúðvíksdóttir, and Sara McVittie in this webinar where they dive into today's retail and e-commerce scene where it's clear that there's no such thing called "business as usual".  We have entered a state of a new abnormal.

Some key takeaways:

  • Shopping in a post-pandemic era
  • Generational approaches to shopping
  • Gender differences in shopping and return behavior
  • Who receives brand communication and its impact on shopping habits

About Retail Radar

Retail Radar, formerly known as the Voyado Shopping Index, is the annual breakdown of millions and millions of retail and e-commerce purchase occasions and consumer research data. Presented in the shape of trends and highlighted KPIs that stand out—to give retailers a glimpse of today’s consumer behavior.

Dig into some more numbers in the reports.

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