Voyado Engage can in principle be used without any cookies or other tracking techniques. For the functionality stated below however, our customers have the option to implement tracking techniques. When doing so, you as a company and data controller is responsible for obtaining consent for the tracking and fulfilling the requirements under the GDPR.


Voyado Engage does not use any cookies for send-outs of newsletters. The Customer has however the option to track the opening-frequency for e-mails, if this functionality is toggled-on, a pixel will be used on the client. It is the customer’s choice whether they want to use this pixel or not. It shall be mentioned that benefits of working with the pixel may not be huge, since a lot of e-mail customers open all e-mails by default (for example for the purpose of scanning for SPAM). If the pixel is to be used, please note that you need consent for the pixel and that requirements under the GDPR are fulfilled, such as providing the customer with the correct information.

Abandoned Cart and browser/product of interest

For the abandonded cart and browser functionality and for the product of interest functionality, the Customer has the option to implement a script that uses cookies, but it is also possible to use an API. If the script is used, this is considered a cookie and the legal requirements for such use applies.

More information on how the Abandoned cart and browser functionality processes personal data can be found here: Abandoned cart data processing – Help Center (voyado.com).

Onsite messaging (Redeal)

For the onsite messaging component (previously called Redeal component), local storage is used. Local storage is a upe of cookie and the legal requirements for such use does therefore apply.

More information on the processing of personal data for on-site messaging can be found here: Onsite Messaging Component data processing – Help Center (voyado.com).

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