Test and verify abandoned cart using automation

The abandoned cart automation is designed to send email reminders to customers who have added items to their shopping cart on your website but did not complete the checkout process. To ensure everything works as desired, we recommend you test and verify the tracking script. This can be done easily with the help of the automation tool.

Once the tracking script is in place and product views (including locale) are being sent to Engage, proceed to verify that it all works as desired. For example, you can use labels and emails to follow up on contacts in an abandoned cart automation.

Set a label

1. Start by creating an Abandoned cart automation as described in this article and set the time delay to Immediately (within an hour).

2. Click on the plus sign below the entry trigger and select Activity.

0_Set label.png

3. Go for Set label in the activity list.

4. Choose an existing label or create one for this specific test. Click Save and then OK when you’re done.

1_Set label.png

Now, once you save and active the automation, all contacts that abandon their carts will be labeled, and you can easily keep track of the volume of contacts.

Send test email

As a next step, you can create a new automation, or simply change the one where you applied the labels. This time the automation will be triggered on your own browsing activity and send an abandoned browse email to you. This helps you verify that the automation is triggered when it should, and that the email content works as you want.

1. Create a new Abandoned browse automation. You can leave the entry criteria as they are.

2. Next, click on the plus sign and select Condition.

3. Expand the criteria drop-down and locate Email under Contact information. Add your own email address, or whichever address you want to use for testing, click OK to set your criteria and save by clicking OK.

3 select email.png

The automation now contains a condition that only you can match.

4. Click on the plus sign on the “yes” branch and select Activity. Choose Send email.

5. Either select and email from the drop-down or create a new one. Back in the automation, click OK to save.

2_Set label.png

6. On the “no” branch, click on the plus sign and then Exit workflow to have all contacts that don't match the selected email address exit the automation.

7. Fininsh by saving and activating the automation.

The final step is to go to your site and sign in or make sure that you’re identified in some other way. Add a product to your cart and then leave the website. Engage will look for 30 minutes of inactivity before triggering the automation, so give it some time before checking your inbox.

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