Entry criteria for an abandoned cart automation

The abandoned cart automation is designed to send reminders to customers who have added items to their shopping cart on your website but did not complete the checkout process.

Start by selecting the automation trigger Abandoned cart. Then click on the three dots on the trigger and select Edit to set up entry criteria.

The entry criteria should include the following:

  • The duration for which the cart has remained unchanged
  • Whether any products in the cart were purchased after the cart was abandoned
  • The language associated with the cart

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Start automation when

Decide how long the cart should remain unchanged before the automation is triggered. If the condition is "Immediately (within an hour)" all abandoned carts within 24 hours will be included. A cart can be loaded several times but will only trigger an automation once (as long as it's unchanged). All other conditions will only include carts from a defined period, such as "1hr old" would only load carts from the last hour based on when Engage loads carts.

Purchased products

Adjust how the automation should act based on purchase data:

  • Activate “Include products in the cart that the customer purchased since it was left“ if you want to include products from the abandoned cart even if they were purchased afterwards, either in another cart/session or in-store.
  • Tick the box “Do not start the automation flow if the customer has purchased a product from the cart since it was abandoned” if you don’t want to trigger the automation if some products are purchased. If all products in the cart are purchased the automation won't trigger regardless.

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If you want to trigger the automation based on a specific language, select which language. If you want to use different emails based on languages, we recommend using language value splits instead of creating different automations. Then you have one global frequency cap and have better control of how many emails your contacts can receive.

Other criteria

Toggle on Other criteria if you want the contacts entering the automation to meet specific criteria. These are the same as for the filtering tool. Read more about that here.

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Start frequency

Make sure you don’t spam your customers by setting a frequency cap to control how many times a contact can be included in the automation during a set time, for example, once every 30 days. Read more about frequency and how to succeed with your abandoned cart campaign here.

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