AI generated subject lines and preheaders for A/B testing

The main purpose of A/B testing is to determine the impact of a small difference in a message. If the differences are too significant it'll be difficult to draw any clear conclusions from the results. Therefore, a good place to start is by testing different subject lines.

If you want some inspiration for your subject lines and preheaders, you can utilize the AI generator.

  1. Create a new email and tick the box A/B testing.


  2. Start by writing subject line A (and optional preheader A). Then, by the Subject line B or Preheader B field, click on AI suggestions.
  3. The AI will detect the language automatically, but you can choose another language in the drop-down.
  4. Click Generate new suggestions to get new options to choose from.
  5. Once you find something you like, click on the option to use it as subject line or preheader and edit as desired.


  6. Continue to make your recipient settings and email design.

A/B testing cannot be used in combination with conditional subject lines and preheaders.

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