Abandoned cart data processing

When using the service Abandoned Cart, personal data is transferred either directly via an API or via a tracking script placed by the Customer on its website. A cookie on the Customer’s website will identify the end-customer’s tenant and information regarding the end-customer’s applicable web browser, the time when the end-customer placed the product in the cart, which URL the end-customer was on, which previous URL the end-customer visited, language and quantity of product. This personal data is processed in Voyado, and the Customer can use it to set up an automation and send e-mails to end-customers.

For abandoned browse, Voyado will also process products viewed, when the product was viewed and the Product URL and the external referral (origin of visitor).

The Customer is remined of its obligation as a data controller to update any privacy policy information, consents (if applicable), cookie settings and cookie declarations necessary under applicable privacy legislation.

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