Set up a challenge progression email

With Engage’s Challenges feature, you can create and drive customer engagement by offering the opportunity to reach a goal together with your brand. This article shows you how to use a personalized field in an email to display a participant’s progress.

In this article you can learn about setting up a challenge to suit your purposes, and if you want to know how to use the automation trigger Checkpoints reached, look here. Now, let’s focus on how to communicate with your challenge participants about how they’re advancing.

The following instructions apply both when you create emails within automations and when you design newsletters or other send-outs.

Set up email module with personalized fields

  1. After creating your email and making the initial settings (and setting a recipient list, if applicable), click Open editor to start creating the email content.
  2. Drag and drop an email module into the email—preferably one with both text and image.
  3. Click on the text component, click Insert personalized field, go down to Challenges, and click on the challenge you want to add.

    1 Challenge_email field.png

    The fields that are now added to the module represent the images of the challenge, its name, the number of checkpoints that the recipient has reached, how many checkpoints the challenge consists of, and how many that remain.

    2 Challenge email_fields.png

  4. If you want to use the challenge images in the email module, take the [[challenge:image]] link field including the brackets, click on the image component, choose External image and paste the link in the Source field (delete the default http://).

    3 Challenge email_image.png

  5. Enter your message, incorporating the personalized fields, in the text component. Keep, move, and delete fields as desired.

    1 Challenge_email example.png

  6. Add any other content to the email. Click Save and Close in the upper right corner when you’re done.

Now you can either close the email tool, if you’re using the message in an automation, or proceed to schedule the send-out. Once the email reaches the recipient, it automatically shows the correct images and values. Thus, you only need to create one email per challenge.

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