Set up a “Checkpoints reached” automation

With Engage’s Challenges feature, you can create and drive customer engagement by offering the opportunity to reach a goal together with your brand. This article shows you how to set up an automation to follow up on your challenge participants.

In this article you can learn about setting up a challenge to suit your purposes—check out this piece if you want some inspiration. Now, let’s go through how to set up an automation flow with the trigger Checkpoints reached to follow up on and communicate with challenge participants.

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Set the entry criteria

  1. Click Automations in the left-hand menu, select New automation and choose the trigger Checkpoints reached.
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, choose Settings and give your automation a clear name. Click Save.
  3. Hover on the entry trigger and click the pencil icon to edit the criteria.
  4. Select what challenge to work with in the drop-down below Start automation when. Configure the start frequency, if you want, and click OK when you’re done.

To be able to set up different communication flows connected to different checkpoints, you now need to add and configure a value split.

Add value split

  1. Below the entry trigger, click on the plus sign and select Value split.

    1 Challenge auto_add value split.png

  2. Select Checkpoints in the Create split based on drop-down. Then decide how many, and which, checkpoints you want to split the flow on. Note that checkpoint zero (0) is only relevant to add if Require contact approval is toggled on in the challenge settings. In the example below, we’re working with checkpoints 1, 3, 5 and 6.

    2 Challenge auto_configure value split.png

  3. Save your value split configurations by clicking OK.

From this point, it’s up to you how you want to communicate with your customers as they reach the respective checkpoints. It could, for example, be informative newsletters based on the challenge theme or encouraging emails to cheer them on. The most important part is, however, to congratulate and reward the customers when they complete the challenge. You could use the automation activity Adjust reward points, assign a personal multichannel promotion, provide early access to a related product release—you decide!

3 Challenge auto_Flow.png

When you’re set with the flow, make sure to Save the automation and Activate it in the upper right corner.

Set up email to track challenge progess

If you want to adapt the emails in the automation to the participant’s progress, you can do so by working with personalized fields. This article tells you how.

The "Award checkpoints" activity

Another option to work with challenges in automations is to use the activity Award checkpoints. Learn how in this article.

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