Testing and verifying abandoned browse

This article covers some examples of how you can test and verify your abandoned browse functions in Engage.

When the tracking script is in place and both cart and product views (incl. locale) are sent to Engage, you can proceed to verifying the flow. There are some things you can do to validate that everything works properly.

Set a label

The first test can be to create an abandoned browse automation where you set a label to the customers. This can help you ensure that Engage receives events from your site and in the end trigger the automation.

1. Click on Automations in the left-hand menu, click New automation and select the trigger Abandoned browse. You don’t need to configure the entry criteria.

2. Click on the plus sign and then Activity.

1 set label.png

3. Choose Set label. Create a label for the specific purpose to monitor customers in this automation.

2 create label_2.png

Now each contact that abandoned a browse will get a label, and you can easily keep track of the volume of contacts. Make sure to save and activate the automation in the end.

Send test email via automation

As a next step, you can create a new automation, or simply change the one where you applied the labels. This time the automation will be triggered on your own browsing activity and send an abandoned browse email to you. This helps you verify that the automation is triggered when it should, and that the email content works as you want.

1. Create a new Abandoned browse automation. You can leave the entry criteria as they are.

2. Next, click on the plus sign and select Condition.

3. Expand the criteria drop-down and locate E-mail under Contact information. Add your own email address, or whichever address you want to use for testing, click OK to set your criteria and save by clicking OK.

3 select email.png

The automation now contains a criteria that only you fulfill.

4. Click on the plus sign on the “yes” branch and select Activity. Choose Send email.

5. Either select and email from the drop-down or create a new one. Back in the automation, click OK to save.

5 set email.png

6. On the "no" branch, click on the plus sign and then Exit workflow.

6 exit workflow.png

7. Now Save and Activate the automation in the top right corner.

The final step is to go to your site and sign in or make sure that you’re identified in some other way. Browse a few product pages before you leave the site. Engage will wait for 30 minutes of inactivity before triggering the automation, so give it some time before you check your inbox.

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