Introducing: Interactions

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A part of Loyalty and Retention  

Interactions is a new API that helps retailers and brands capture interaction data beyond the typical purchasing actions and create engaging communication. 

You can capture interactions and have the event data actionable throughout Voyado Engage, allowing segmentation and creating target audiences. You can use the segments for email and SMS campaigns or utilize the data to trigger a marketing automation flow. It can even be shown on the contact card so that store staff or customer support can view the data and be trained to take action. 

Start capturing dynamic interactions

Read about how to set up Interactions with the easy-to-use self-service configuration in our API documentation.

Interaction API documentation ➔

Activate your target audiences

Once your Interaction data starts flowing in, you can use it throughout the platform. Learn how to segment based on Interactions and to use it to trigger automation flows.

Learn more about using Interactions ➔

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