By using Interactions, connecting Engage to a wide range of customer activities, you can utilize data about your customers’ behaviors to reward selected actions and build brand loyalty.

This feature replaces Activities.

Interactions, simply put, are events that you want to save to your contacts in Engage. It’s a way to track and collect data on different types of activities that you want to encourage and reward.

A few examples could be if a customer:

  • hands in a garment for repair
  • recycles a product
  • submits a review on your website
  • refers a friend
  • posts on social media and uses a specific hashtag.

Implementing Interactions enriches your contact base with valuable knowledge of your customers, which is useful in your work to stay relevant, accurate, and level up your personalization in your communication.

You can use the collected data in several ways:

  • Segmentation: Create segments based on when or how often an interaction is received in Engage.
  • Contact card: In the tab Interactions you can get an overview of which interactions a contact has made.
  • Automations: Set up an automation flow using the triggers New Interaction (triggered by any interaction) or New specific interaction (triggered by an interaction of a specific schema, with a specific value). You can also personalize the emails and SMS messages in the automation based on interactions.

Interested in giving interactions a go? Contact your Account Manager.

Looking for some more technical documentation? Turn to our delevoper site.

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