With the Contact limit split function, you can take and keep control of the number of emails, text messages, and other activities within your automation flows.

By adding a limit split to your automation flow, you can set a limit for how many contacts that are sent down a branch and thereby receive an email or SMS, for example.

When you configure the split, you can set a maximum number of contacts and then decide if the limit should apply per day, per month, or without a time limit. If you set a time limit, the counter will still reset even if the limit hasn’t been reached.

1 Limit split config.png

This split could come in handy in multiple cases. Below are some examples.

Stick to your SMS budget

Let’s say that you are setting up a birthday automation and want to include an SMS to the flow. By adding a contact limit split, setting a maximum number of SMS recipients per month (1,000 contacts in our example), you can keep down your costs for SMS communication. Just make sure you add an email send-out for the contacts that don’t receive the SMS.1 Limit split_birthday.png

Spread out your NPS send-outs

When you send out NPS surveys, it’s wise to take measures to avoid the same customers receiving them too frequently. If you combine a contact limit split with a time delay, you can select to send out your NPS survey to, for example, the first 250 customers to make a purchase each month and then put the recipients in quarantine for the next 90 days.

3 Limit split_2.png

Run a contest

A nice way to engage your customers could be to combine a sales campaign with a contest. Configure a limit split so that the first contacts to purchase a specific product or the like win a prize. In this example, the first 25 contacts to buy a bike receive a discount.

Remember to deactivate the automation when the contest is over.

4 Limit split_2.png

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