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During the last year and a half, we’ve been adding new reports to Voyado Engage. Now we’re saying goodbye to some of the old reports. To facilitate the transition, we've set up this Q&A article about where to start looking in the ‘Reports’ section.

Q: I used to track KPIs such as number of members, new members, purchases made last 12 months, NPS, opened emails last 30 days and clicked email last 30 days every month to report these figures in our organization, using the Register status report. Where can I find these figures now?

A: You now turn to the new Monthly reporting section (launched on September 5) and go for Register status, where you can find the same metrics now.

In the Monthly reporting section, you can find the numbers that you used to look for in the following reports:

  • Register status per store
  • Retail KPIs 12 months
  • Retail KPIs 12 months per store
  • Retail KPIs YTD
  • Retail KPIs previous year

Check this article for a list of which reports that replace which.


Q: I used to look at the dashboard in Register status or Retail KPIs 12months. What should I do now?

A: All dashboard-like metrics are now moved to the new dashboard which you can populate with KPI and statistics widgets yourself.


Q: I need to see what a send out has generated in terms of revenue given who clicked in the email. Both for my bulk send-outs and automations. Where can I find this?

A: Go to Messages on the Report tab and then either Message delivery statistics or Automation statistics. You can choose from different attribution rules to see how much revenue your message has accumulated. You may also select several messages and see how much revenue they accumulated together.


Q: How do I keep track of the revenue that Engage’s messages have generated?

A: With the attribution widget on the dashboard, you can track how much revenue that you’ve accumulated from your marketing emails and automation messages.

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