Control your SMS send-outs with phone number criteria

To keep a well-maintained contact database and avoid additional costs, it’s worth taking measures to ensure that only phone numbers from your target markets receive your SMS communication.

There are different ways to limit the amount of SMS send-outs delivered to recipients outside of your main target markets. You should consider taking these measures both in your marketing automation flows for new contacts, and for your manual SMS send-outs.

“New contact registered” automation

If you have an onboarding automation where your new contacts, registered for example on your website, receive a welcoming SMS with additional information, you can add phone number conditions to your entry criteria.

  1. Set up a new automation triggered by New contact registered.
  2. Hover over the entry trigger and click the pencil icon to change the settings.
  3. After selecting a contact type, toggle on Other criteria.
  4. Select Phone number under Contact information in the drop-down, set to starts with, and add your desired country calling code, for example “+46” for Sweden. Click OK to set the criterium.
  5. If you want to add more calling codes, select Any [of the following criteria] and then add your other criteria.
  6. Click OK when you’re satisfied with your settings.

Now only contacts with phone numbers from your selected countries will enter the automation.

Market-specific segment with country calling code criterium

To ensure that you direct your manual SMS send-outs to the right markets and phone numbers, you can create one segment per market and include the country calling codes in your criteria.

  1. Go to the filtering tool.
  2. Select Country under Contact information in the drop-down, choose equals, and select desired country. You could also select Store under Regular store, then equals, and select desired store or market. Click OK to save your criterium.
  3. If relevant, select Any [of the following criteria] and add more stores or markets to the same segment.
  4. Click Add group, select Any [of the following criteria] and add country calling codes as described under “'New contact registered' automation".
  5. Click Calculate segmentation, then Save as in the top right corner, and choose Segmentation. Enter a name and Save.
  6. Repeat for your other markets.

As you add these segments to your SMS recipient list, only contacts with the correct country calling codes will receive the SMS.

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