Postmaster and Abuse email addresses

The postmaster@ and abuse@ email accounts for your domain are important. Receiving and acting on these email allows you to maintain the reputation and deliverability of your organization's email.

We strongly recommend that you setup these addresses for your sender domain and ensure that they are monitored but your IT department.

The Postmaster and Abuse addresses are intended for different types of messages:

  • A Postmaster address may be used to receive inquiries regarding the emails you send to a specific domain, either from the Postmaster of that domain or their mail servers.
  • An Abuse address serves as a channel for reporting unsolicited or abusive emails originating from your domain. If one or more recipients believe they have received emails in error or have concerns, they can contact the abuse address to inform you of the issue.

For the mentioned examples, and other reasons, you must have these addresses set up properly for your sender domains. The addresses should be postmaster[at]yoursenderdomain.xx and abuse[at]yoursenderdomain.xx, and the inboxes should be monitored by your domain administrator.

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