Monthly reporting: Retail KPIs 12 months

The Monthly reporting collection offers the possibility to monitor assorted KPIs and compare the numbers to previous months. This article introduces you to the reports ‘Retail KPIs 12 months’ and ‘Retail KPIs 12 months per store’.

The Retail KPIs 12 months report presents current key figures as of today, as well as a comparison with the same time over the last 12 months. In the upper right corner of the report table, you can sort the numbers in ascending or descending order, or by label.

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Sales history

Total amount of all sales during the month in question.

Average receipt

Average receipt in total.

Purchases per shopping member

Average number of purchases per contact. Receipts with only returns are discarded from the calculation.

Articles per purchase

Average number of articles per purchase.

Shopping members

Total number of shopping members.

Purchased in store and online

Percentage of shopping members who made a purchase online and in store.

Made purchase in store

Percentage of shopping members who made a purchase in a physical store. An unknown amount of these customers could also have made a purchase online.

Purchase online

Percentage of shopping members who made a purchase online. An unknown amount of these contacts could also have made an in-store purchase.

Retail KPIs 12 months per store

The Retail KPIs 12 months per store report is calculated in the same way as the previous report, but the numbers are broken down per store. The results are shown in a list view and are not compared with the previous month or the corresponding month in the previous year.

The column Cross store type purchase ratio shows the ratio on how many customers that purchased at that store also purchased in another store type. For example, if you’ve selected a physical store, then you can see how many of the customers that purchased there also purchased online.

If you are a local administrator, you don't have access to this report.

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