Deprecated reports and where to find the numbers

During the last year and a half, we’ve been adding new reports to Voyado Engage. We’ve also developed the possibility to enjoy BI flexibility in an easy and customizable way. Now we’re saying goodbye to some of the old reports.

This article is all about the reports that will be deprecated in September 2023 and where you can find the numbers from now on.

Why is this necessary?

One of the biggest problems in all BI environments is that reports are added as more data points and KPIs are made available, while few (if any) are deleted. This makes it hard to find what you’re looking for—and nearly impossible to get a good overview. Therefore, we’re replacing the old reports with new ones that are customized for the main use-cases that you, our customers, have provided for us:

  • Campaign follow-up with revenue attribution.
  • Store report to keep track on recruitment and revenue at your different customer touchpoints.
  • Customizable dashboard to help you build a first page in Engage that lets you keep an eye on things.
  • Customer life cycle audiences to see how many active, passive, and returning customers you have.

We’ll continue to develop these new reports and understand that you might have special needs of KPIs or capabilities that we, going forward, must address. We therefore invite you to stay in touch with us and help us to make Engage even better.

Which reports will be deprecated, and what will replace them?

In the table below, we’ve listed all deprecated reports and where to turn in the future to find the right statistics (by subcategory on the Reports tab in Engage).

Reports to be deprecated Where to find the numbers
Purchases based on messages sent through automations Messages -> Automation statistics (with attribution)
Purchases based on email send-out Messages -> Message delivery statistics (with attribution)
Visits per store KPIs -> Store report
Total number of contacts Monthly reporting -> Total number of contacts
Purchases per store KPIs -> Store report
Register status Monthly reporting -> Register status
Register status per store Monthly reporting -> Register status per current store
Retail KPIs 12 months Monthly reporting -> Retail KPIs 12 months
Retail KPIs 12 months per store KPIs -> Store report
Retail KPIs YTD Monthly reporting -> Retail KPIs 12 months
Retail KPIs previous year Monthly reporting -> Retail KPIs 12 months
Members recruited per store KPIs -> Store report
Members recruited per region -
Total members recruited per store KPIs -> Store report
Total members recruited per region -


To facilitate the transition even more, we've set up some example cases to guide you further. Check out this article.

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